Elite Pro Organizers - For Home & Office
 Most Areas of Work
                                  ~ Office Organizing ~
Organize your office space for greater efficiency, functionality, and productivity.
•  Year End Storage needs , Paper/Filing systems
• Time Management
• Storage cabinets, shelving, and drawers
• Space planning
• Minimize clutter and other distractions 
                         ~  Relocation Assistance ~
   Down sizing
• Organize belongings (sort & purge)
• Pack and label boxes
• Unpack, organize, and set up in new location
                              ~Home ~
Kitchen and cabinets (sort & purge )
Laundry room
Craft room
Living room
Large storage areas(garage,basement,attic)
Small storage areas(drawers,bookshelves,under sink)
              We also provide over the phone coaching
Gift Certificates available
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